Express Pro

Heildræn stótthreinsun fyrir þráðlaus raftæki.

PhoneSoap Express Pro sótthreinsar þráðlaus raftæki og aðra harða hluti á aðeins 30 sek. Tækið er snertifrítt og hægt að fygjast með notkun í appi.

Fáanlegt með veggstand, gólfstandi eða á hjólum.

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Clinical Evidence

PhoneSoap ExpressPro is a rapid UV disinfection device for cell phones, tablets, and other hard to clean hand-held items. As hospitals and medical centers transition from paperwork to electronic forms, new protocols should be put in place for sanitation. With a disinfection cycle of just 30 seconds, ExpressPro is an incredible addition to any facility to help ensure your professionals and patients are protected from the spread of harmful pathogens. For an overview of UV sanitation effectiveness, see the studies and white papers below.

Evidence of PhoneSoap Efficacy

PhoneSoap White Paper: UV-C Light and the Disinfection of Mobile Devices

  • Microbial contamination is a constant concern and challenge in healthcare environments — on solid surfaces as well as mobile equipment like cell phones and tablets. Through rigorous laboratory testing, PhoneSoap ExpressPro UV-C device has been proven to be equally or more effective at eliminating microorganisms on cell phones and tablets and many times more expedient than germicidal wipes. Download Whitepaper

Journal of Hospital Infection – The effectiveness of germicidal wipes and ultraviolet irradiation in reducing bacterial loads on electronic tablet devices used to obtain patient information in orthopaedic clinics: evaluation of tablet cleaning methods. Journal of Hospital Infection. Vol 105, Issue 2, pp 200-204; June 1, 2020.

  • A randomized blinded trial was conducted of tablet cleaning strategies in orthopaedic clinics. UV-C disinfection was found to be equivalent in efficacy to germicidal wipes.

American Journal of Infection Control – Shining a Light on the Pathogenicity of Health Care Providers’ Mobile Phones: Use of a Novel Ultraviolet-C Wave Disinfection Device. American Journal of Infection Control; Vol 48, Issue 11; pp1370-1374. November 1, 2020.

  • Total bacterial colony forming units were reduced by 99.9% with the use of a novel UV-C device. In light of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, UV-C phone disinfection is a valuable tool for preventing healthcare-associated infections.

American Nurse – Mauzey, S. (2020, August 31). UV-C: A tool for disinfecting mobile devices

  • Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are being used with increasing frequency in healthcare, but protocols for cleaning them aren’t keeping pace. This project demonstrated that using a UV-C disinfection system effectively reduces mobile device contamination.

Evidence of Cell Phone Contamination

American Journal of Infection Control – Use of portable electronic devices in a hospital setting and their potential for bacterial colonization.

American Journal of Infection Control (43) 2015; 286-8.

  • Cell phones and tablets are increasingly being used in the hospital setting. These devices represent a potential reservoir for the transmission of pathogens. We conducted a convenience sampling of devices in 2 large medical centers and quantified bacterial colonization rates.

Reconstructive Review – Dissemination of Pathogens by Mobile Phones in a Single Hospital. Reconstructive Review:  An Open Access Journal. Vol 7, No 3; September 2017. DOI:

  • Mobile phones are frequently used in the hospital and operating room settings, regardless of their microbial load. The results of this study demonstrated that 82% (41/50) of mobile phone touch screens possessed polymicrobial organisms and 30% (15/50) of mobile phones possessed pathogenic organisms. ​